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The Perfect Gift for Mom


Still searching for that perfect Mother’s Day gift? Look no more!


Check out this lovely arm candy from Jord! You’ll love it and so will your mom =] I certainly love mine! Scroll down for your chance to win a $100 off gift code. Everyone who enters gets a consolation prize of a $25  off gift code.

This is my new favorite go-to!!! Look at this lovely watch from Jord!! It’s from the Cora series and it’s Zebrawood and Rose. I got the box in the mail on my way out the door and took it with me to the restaurant where I proceeded to open it like it was Christmas day in April.

There are 13 different types of wood to choose from for your timepiece. I loved the way the zebrawood complimented the rose. Zebrawood is considered a luxury hardwood and it is native to West Africa.

Other than the obvious reason of it being a showstopper, I was super excited to get this watch because I have never owned a self-winding automatic mechanical watch before. You can see the gears working through the front and back of the timepiece. It’s mesmerizing.

For $10, they will size your watch for you so that it fits perfectly. Just remember that you don’t want it super tight or too loose. They advise you to use a paper ruler to measure your wrists. I recommend taping it and making sure it makes full rotations around your wrists. No one likes a “too snug” watch nor do they want one that slips to their hands.

For $45, you can get your wooden box engraved with a special message or a logo.

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See something you like? OF COURSE YOU DO! Here’s the best part! I’ve got a campaign contest going on with Jord where one of you will win a $100 off gift code and EVERYONE else will get a $25 off gift code. Win-Win! The contest ends on 5/21/2017 at 11:59PM.

Enter the contest!!!

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