The Total Package

The Cupcake Spot


My first few encounters with The Cupcake Spot cupcakes were when these boxes full of goodies would mysteriously show up at my mom’s nail shop. She would bring them home and share them with everyone. One of her customers happened to be Nicole Rogers, the owner of this sugar filled bakery. I remember my eyes went straight to a pink Berry Squared, a strawberry cake with raspberry cream cheese icing. YUM! Then came a sudden obsession with everything chocolate, like their S’mores cupcake and Better Thans, a deluxe chocolate chip cake with chocolate cream cheese icing. My favorite of this phase is the The Chocolate Elvis, a banana cupcake with peanut butter buttercream and chocolate icing. Is your mouth watering yet? Because my molars are screaming for their chance to be fighting off cavities! The cupcake spot just so happens to be located a few doors down from La V Fusion. I have no issue with saying many lunch breaks were taken at The Cupcake Spot. In fact, I went in for a sugar rush before my very first training shift. If I had to choose just ONE cupcake, it would have to be their Paint the Town Red Velvet. These are SO good. I used to buy them for my boss, Thuy, when I was running late =P


Pictured here is The Cuppy- Strawberry cake topped with vanilla bean buttercream and a sour cherry.



The Cupcake Spot

405 Central Ave

St. Petersburg



Photos: Matthew Holler Photography

Stylist: Janelle LaFond- JMI Styling

Location: The Cupcake Spot -Downtown St. Petersburg, Fl.

*Buy a single cupcake and get a small scoop of Working Cow Ice Cream for $1!