The Look

Slayin’ the Little Black Dress Game

The Glazer Children’ Museum is located in Downtown Tampa. On my recent trip home last week, I couldn’t help but notice all the new murals on buildings in Tampa and St. Petersburg. The parking garage of the Glazer’s Museum had this beautiful, bright and bold design that caught my eye. I had a dress that was just as bold if not more.


I present to you, my killer LBD- Little Black Dress.



I can’t take all of the credit. My roommate, Leanne, was trying it on in front of me and I fell in love!!! Asos is awesome!!! It’s on SALE for $23!!! As you can see through my photos, someone was feelin’ herself a little too much ;o)




  Thanks again to Matthew Holler, who always does such a wonderful job doing the most spontaneous and loosely planned work with me.


Photographer: Matthew Holler

Hair Cut/Stylist: Irina Bilka

Hair Colorist: Lucille Javier

Dress: Asos Cut Out Midi Body- Conscious Dress

Heels: Forever 21