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SHE’s Fit! + SHE’s Beautiful!

On October 15th,  I had the honor of working as a promotional model for SHE’s Fit and SHE’s Beautiful. This was the second time for me and it was every bit as fun as the last.  This is a photo from the April 2015 event =]


I worked alongside Susanna, a friend I met in Florida doing hair modeling a few years ago. Funny how the world works.


Most of the staff is made up of friends I made in Tampa, including my boyfriend who was a photographer for the night. But enough about me, let’s talk about SHE!


SHE stands for Style Hunt Events. Hunt as in Laura Hunt, the genius behind this company. Just look at this beautiful woman GITTIN IT.


Style because she was a fashion stylist and certified image consultant for years, and a very successful one at that. I remember reading her posts on Facebook about traveling around doing Macy’s events…


… working alongside Stacy London, styling photoshoots for magazines like GQ, doing red carpet interviews in Florida and LA (and even walking some herself)…


… and watching her on a Daytime TV Style segment from the set because she asked me to be one of the models.


Her wardrobe styling work has been published in Maxim, FHM, Esquire and more! This superwoman even styled The Supremes for their reunion concert in 2014!


Lastly, there is Events, which ties it all together. SHE brings together fitness and beauty companies and top notch, high-end, creme de la creme of media. I’ll let Laura explain. I feel like she knows what she’s talking about. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look while Stephen interviews her for the YouTube video.


These are exclusive invite-only events. Her media list boasts names representing Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, CNN, BuzzFeed, The Wall Street Journal, Cosmopolitan, People Magazine and Vanity Fair. There is an event in the Spring and Fall. It’s a relaxed atmosphere where vendors and attendees can sip on champagne and martinis while they’re “working.”



Look at me.. doing my job and stuff.


And then the usual. In no way was I trying to hide that champagne flute.


Laura is basically my big sister. SHE’s full of love and helpful advice, SHE’s SO great and fun to work with and SHE’s super supportive. See what I did there? SHE was gracious enough to cut me loose and let me run around to shoot a video with Stephen McFadden. I wasn’t cautious enough to not drink BEFORE I did the introduction so that will explain any repetition. #NoShame

Three cheers to Laura!





SHE- Style Hunt Events

Facebook Page




Videographer: Stephen McFadden of McFadden Creative



**All other photos were taken from Laura’s FB without her permission and here’s to hoping she doesn’t kill me <3