The Look

She-Bangz, She-Bangz

I don’t know what it is with Asians posing with the peace sign in photos but I am not immune to the phenomenon. I saw this shirt on and couldn’t resist. This crop top will probably make an appearance again when I do video for a Ramen place =] Thankfully, me actually posing with the peace sign while wearing the shirt is nowhere to be seen in this post.


These photos were taken for me by my cousin, Michelle, in my backyard back home in Florida. Look at her capturing that hair flip in the picture up there!

I should also mention that I’m wearing my favorite pair of prescription glasses from If you haven’t heard of Zenni, check them out!! Super cute SUPER afforidable glasses!!! Even bifocals! I’m working on doing a post JUST about them. You can upload a headshot and “try on” glasses. I’m addicted. The glasses on this site start at $6.95!!!  These particular frames are #2010017 and were $23.95. I added a  anti-reflective coating for $4.95.




Photographer: Michelle Lam

Crop Top: She-Bangz –Peace Dude

Glasses: ZenniOptical #2010017

Jeans: Levi- Skinny high waisted in black

Lipstick: Stila Liquid Lipsticks in Beso