The Look, The Traveler

Playa Penca and TeenyB

There were many constants in Costa Rica. Among those things are the friendliness of the people, their willingness to help suggest great food and beaches, and the necessary “are you sure this is the road we’re supposed to be on?” song we sang on all of our journeys.

Our new friend, Adolfo, who we kept mistakenly calling Alfredo amongst ourselves- OK, it was just me, told us about Playa Penca, located between Playas del Coco and Playa Hermosa. I waited a week too long to recount this story but I know we drove back and forth a couple of times on a certain stretch of road on the way to Playa Hermosa. We remembered Adolfo mentioning a hidden beach and we set off to find the security gate he mentioned. It’s your typical guarded gate. It seemed like a situation where if you had no idea what was being guarded you had no business going. But we went. We told the guard where we were headed, he took down our license plate and he waved us through. Easy peasy. We were soon greeted by that all too familiar stretch of bumpy, unpaved, sandy dirt road.



We went up, we went down, we saw a sign pointing to the beach with an arrow , turned and came to a dead stop. Time to get out of the car and start walking and walking and walking.


There was construction all around. They’re building either a condo or residential area and are probably closing off the beach in the future or will be charging a premium for guests.


We were flanked on each side by fences and construction workers and drilling and pounding noises. The path got steep and narrow and finally opened up to this beautiful beach with clear water.


Completely empty.


There’s no better private beach than a free one.


The only regret was not bringing along that bottle of Havana Cuban Rum with us. Of course, no trip to the beach would be complete without a TeenyB Bikini.




I also collected some really pretty seashells… some of which I wish weren’t empty. So I could eat them ;o)


Bikini: TeenyB Bikini Couture

          Seminole Sunset w. Vogue