The Look

Penelope T & Grimaldi

Penelope T Boutique is founded by two best friends, Nickie and Manne. These gals moved to NYC together and brought back their knowledge in sales and design with them to Florida. Together, they provide a top notch curated selection of high quality pieces. You never know what you’ll walk out with when you visit or what you’ll start to swoon over and save for on your next trip.

PenelopeT has two locations. Nickie watches over the one in Tampa and Manne takes care of shop in Jacksonville. I first became acquainted with this swanky store at their very first Tampa location, the spot next to my mom’s nail shop on South Howard. I used to go in a peruse the racks, moving the hangers one by one, moving my fingers across the material to meticulously examine each piece as a scientist would magnify and dissect an object of curiosity and adoration. Did I just make things weird?

The gorgeous display cases of shimmery sparkly accessories always summoned my line of sight. Nothing has changed in their new Tampa location save for the amount of space. They needed room for the 112 emerging, established and small independent designers they showcase. They were very gracious in lending me pieces for my shoot around Tampa. I waltzed in with arms open like Maria in The Sound of Music. The hills were VERY much alive and they fed my love for jumpsuits!

I pulled two! One of my picks is from designer Karina Grimaldi. The necklace is a Vanessa Mooney.


Matthew and I picked the spot outside of Copperfish to take photos. The shutters, outside patio and fans and palm trees provided the perfect backdrop.




Such a glamorous yet leisurely jumpsuit.


I love the look and feel achieved with this jumpsuit, transparent aviators, red lips and pin curls.


Get Yo’ SHOP On

Penelope T Boutique

Tampa Location

3310 W. Bay to Bay Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33629


Hours: MON- FRI: 10:00AM – 6:00PM
SAT: 11:00AM – 5:00PM
SUN: Closed

Jacksonville Location

2400 South Third St., Suite 102
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250


Hours: MON- FRI: 10:00AM -6:OOPM
SAT: 10:00AM -5:00PM
SUN: Closed


Photography: Matthew Holler

Hair/Makeup: Me, Myself & I

Wardrobe & Necklace: Penelope T Boutique

Jumpsuit Label: Karina Grimaldi

Necklace: Vanessa Mooney

Glasses: Sunglass SpotClassic Iconic Tear Drop Metal Clear Lens Aviators