The Model


Oishii is Japanese for delicious or tasty. When I thought up my wildest dreams for what I wanted Chopsticks And Stilettos would be, this editorial brought it to life. I am so lucky to know and work with such talented people. In maybe 2-3 hours, we got ALL of this done. Our editorial got published in COCO Fashion Magazine. Take a look at all the goodies!!!

tearsheets27 (800x566)

tearsheets23 (800x566)

tearsheets24 (800x566)

FB_IMG_1470314657436 (800x566)

tearsheets25 (800x566)

AAndersen11 (618x800)

AAndersen2 (618x800)

AAndersen1 (618x800)

Photographer: Adrienne Anderson

Stylist; Janelle LaFond of JMI Styling

HMUA: Hailey Trifiro