The Vices

Museum of Feelings

This past Thursday, my friend Hortencia and I decided to hit up the Museum of Feelings– A Glade pop-up right outside of  Brookfield Place. We figured heading there at 11AM on a Thursday would make for a short line. Thank goodness we were right because the cold wind was blowing and howling. If you plan to go, you should know that they let in about 20 people at a time. Upon entering, we were greeted with this sign.20151203_113512-1

Before stepping into each room, there was a staff member on hand to let us know what room we were walking into along with the correlating scent. Knowing that Tezz [Hortencia] and I were going there to take photos for our blog and social media, I asked what the protocol was to the length of time allowed in each room. I was told that each room could only hold a certain amount of people to allow for optimal experience. She made the mistake of telling us “Take as many photos and selfies you want,” Done.


These photos were taken right at the space just before the first room. There are a total of 5: Optimism, Joy, Invigorated, Exhilarating and Calm. I have photos from every room except for Optimism. I’ll have to snap some when I go with Nolan next week.


Joyful. Certainly a trippy room. I couldn’t tell how big the room really was. The mirrors made the room look infinite. I had to slowly walk up to the walls to find where the room ended. LED vines were everywhere. I felt like I was tangled in a forest of jellyfish. The provided 3-D glasses heightened the experience. I’m not saying I condone drugs, but I’m also not saying I didn’t wish I had done some =P


Me and Tezz, all four of her.


One of my favorite rooms! It smelled like a Christmas tree AKA Holiday tree, for anyone just DYING to be offended.


Joy was certainly achieved, but so was a grand sense of wonder. I felt like a kid. Tezz and I could have easily run up and down the length of the room with our arms stretched out like airplane wings disturbing the jellyfish forest.




The scent, Blue Odyssey, was refreshing like an ocean breeze. The closer you got to the orb, the more concentrated the scent was, so of course I stood right in front of it.  The floor had pulsating halos around your feet and followed you wherever you walked. It changed patterns and colors every so often.  I did the ‘Sting Ray Shuffle’ around the room. At one point, it looked like peacock feathers with the hues of a psychedelic color wheel. I also noticed that small children were the happiest in this interactive room.



“Look at yourself in the mirror,” Tezz directed. “Oh, so.. me on a daily basis?”  =P


A dome of mirrors. A fun-sized kaleidoscope that you control with a touch screen.


Calm. If ever I needed an example of my future meditation room, this was it. I had no strength against the urge to just sit, relax, breathe and wind down. The carpet was white and plush. Calming purple light took over the entire space.


A fog would roll through like waves carrying the scent of lavendar and vanilla.


I was literally on cloud 9.


My best impression of Steve Jobs.


If you have the time, please go! I’ve read about some people feeling duped and getting worked up about this Museum of Feelings not being an actual museum but a marketing campaign disguised as a pop-up. HELLO! Welcome to NYC! THE place for marketing and PR. It works. And it was a wonderful, joyful experience. I can’t wait to go back with my boyfriend. It’s a happy place to be. Who cares if this is some marketing “scheme” thought up by Glade. No one is making anyone buy anything. It’s also free and everyone loves FREE.

What you need to know:

Museum of Feelings

230 Vesey St.

New York, NY, 10080


Mon-Sat: 11AM- 9PM

Sun: 11AM- 7PM


Photographer: Hortencia Caires