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Mission Chinese Food + Kellogg’s

On December 18th, 2015, at approximately 8:42 PM, I came across this photo on Facebook. I only know because I instantly shared it to my girlfriend’s page. “Hey.. I’ll fucking wake up to line up. Wanna go????… ONE OF EACH PLEASE.” Next thing you know, texts started flying between Susanna and I. Sunday at 8:45AM. It’s a date.

[Photo from Mission Chinese Food’s FB page]


Mission Chinese Food is co-founded by Chef Danny Bowien, who you can often see roaming through the dining room in cool glasses and shorts. I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting the 2013 James Beard Award winner but every time I’ve seen him, he’s either happily chatting up visiting friends, working in the kitchen or peeking out to make sure everything is running smoothly. He was all smiles this morning despite being woken up at 4:30 AM by his adorable son (I only know because I may or may not have been eavesdropping).

This collaboration between Mission Chinese Food and Kellogg’s only lasted through the weekend but perhaps it will inspire you to #StirUpBreakfast. It surely gave me ideas to spruce up regular ole’ morning cereal.

Let’s start the slide show! We got seated next to an aquarium. Great fish-watching while anxiously awaiting the food. We weren’t there to be amateurs. One of each dish, please!


They served their coffee in tea pots. We kind of TOTALLY loved it. Look at Susanna with that perfect pour!


First up, Kellogg’s Corn flakes with yogurt and winter berries.


Served with a side of Westlake porridge.


Next, Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes dusted with green tea powder. A cute karafe of matcha milk was poured over the cereal tableside. AMAZING. I will definitely be attempting this at home. We seemed pretty civil publicly but deep down inside, the little Asian girl inside each of us was clapping so fast that the speed was inversely proportional to the amount of noise made, with smiles so big our eyes became perfect lines.


Accompanied with a side of green tea noodles.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone pour milk over cereal with such finesse as I did this morning.

DSC02128Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats on a bed of cashew butter and persimmon jam. That’s peanut butter milk floating around the perimeter!

DSC02133 Served with a side of beef jerky fried rice.


Best rack I’ve seen in a while ;o)


MY FAVORITE!!!!! Kellogg’s Corn Pops with bacon-infused soy milk. Topped with a FKNG FRIED EGG!! I believe my first words after cutting through the yolk and taking a bite of a little everything was “Oh, goddammit. That’s so fkng good!” It wasn’t so much a loud declaration as it was a whisper, spoken only to prove it truly exists.  And then I just stared off into space for a little while. Figuratively and literally, because there are clouds painted onto the ceiling.


This dish was served with a side of thrice cooked bacon and rice cakes!


So good! I had to combine the two onto the same plate.


After a while, the food high was hitting and everything was starting to look like this:


Up next, we have Kellogg’s Raisin Bran, quickly braised in warm almond milk, agave and lime.

DSC02137Served with a side of spicy mapo tofu. Delicious, but not a joke. It wasn’t alarmingly spicy but certain ingredients numbed other taste buds for a couple of minutes.

DSC02140Compliments of the chef, rice crispy treats with rice seasoning seaweed.


At this point, my focus wasn’t on the clarity of photos…


…. it was to finish as much as possible.

[Photo by Susanna]


This was a brunch for champions! I don’t wake up early for anything but food isn’t anything. Food is life, food is love and food is sharing. It was delicious but it wouldn’t have been as fun without some other crazy hungry food-obsessed friend. The best part of this weekend brunch special was that all proceeds go to benefit The Bowery Mission.

Things you need in yo life!

Mission Chinese Food

171 E Broadway

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Hours: Sun-Mon: 5:30PM- 11:00PM

Tues-Sat: 5:30PM- 12:00AM

The Bowery Mission

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