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Love Yourself, Use Brevena


Brevena is one of my favorite moisturizers. To get 20% off your purchase use CODE: MARISSA :o)

I make it a point to only promote products I love and actually use. I first became familiar with Brevena at a SHE’s Fit SHE’s Beautiful event in NYC a couple of years ago. They gifted the models with some products and I instantly fell in love with their moisturizer. I would exfoliate my face in the shower and apply some Restore & Hydrate Overnight Cream every night. I would wake up looking as if I had had a full night of sleep. It isn’t greasy, it isn’t fragrant and I woke up with just enough of a dewy glow.  It improves elasticity, firmness, skin texture, luminosity and the appearance of crow’s feet. I don’t have any wrinkles but I do have small smile lines around my mouth and my eyes when I smile a little too big. Those little lines are filled just enough with the moisture locked in from using the cream.  It’s the perfect base for makeup applications!

Brevena’s proprietary Macro B complex technology provides your skin with the moisture it needs and minimizes the aging of your skin. This technology helped to heal burn victims and their wounds in the 1990’s and evolved into the skin care line it is today. Brevena is great for those of us who have eczema, psoriasis, cracked feet etc. I actually have some Ichthyosis Vulgaris on my legs.  It is essentially scaly skin and I’ve had it since I can remember. None of my sisters, aunts or uncles have it but I know it passed down from my grandfather on my dad’s side. My skin can easily look dry and cracked if I don’t take care of myself. I always use coconut oil on my body post showers but for my legs I like to add some of Brevena’s Intensive Foot & Heel Repair.

A little goes a long way! If I’m sporting flip flops for too long I like to put them on the bottom of my feet and cover them with socks before heading to bed. You don’t need an intense skin condition to use Brevena, it’s great for everyone and any skin type! Head on over to Brevena and see what could work for you ! =]