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La Farola de Mis Suenos

La Farola is a gem near Playa del Coco.


At this point, we had tried every place we could think of down Avenida Central. I will proudly tell you that I am not a fan of customer review sites for restaurants. They’re usually whiny, entitled, miserable scum of the Earth that love spreading their negativity around. If I must use them, I know how to sift through the reviews “sounds good, sounds bitchy, that looks great, he’s clearly a twat”- but I digress. My favorite thing about these sites is the food porn. We found La Farola on TripAdvisor with the wrong directions. We drove through spaces barely big enough to fit our rental, walked down recently rained-on muddy streets, got out of the car and tried to round the beach and bushes, shyly asked the waitress at an empty restaurant directions to THAT restaurant (and bought a round of chiliguaro so we didn’t look like jerks), walked way too far in what could have been the wrong direction and finally I found a passerby. By this time, a good 30 minutes had gone by. Someone HAD to know this place. WINNER! In very broken Spanish on my part and half understood Spanish on his, we had better directions than the map on freaking TripAdvisor! We walked back to our car and found our emerald green La Farola. When people talk about tourist season and off seasons, they weren’t kidding in Costa Rica. We were the only table in this restaurant on a Friday night at 8PM.



Some of us opted for a pitcher of sangria, while others chose the fabulous house white or red. Our waitress was wonderful. She’d make any great service staff aim to be even better.

DSC00322 Complimentary starters.


The hungry quadruplets fired off a list of entrees and appetizers. Pig trotters, gazpacho, squid, croquettas, mussels, this thing, that thing, ALL THE THINGS.


I didn’t do a very thorough job of getting good enough photos of everything.


The lighting wasn’t the best and I’m still a total newb at operating this SONY camera. Plus, my hunger didn’t leave much patience to care enough. The food and the wine were at a steady flow.



It was a relaxing environment with fun, lightly buzzed conversations with friends I adore.The best part was the end of dinner, when the owner and chef came down to say Hello. She only spoke Spanish, but our waitress very nicely played translator. The chef was a woman beaming with love, happy to cook for all to enjoy. Light radiated around this woman. Her smile was infectious and the hospitality of La Farola is one to beat.