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La Casita del Marisco- Playa Hermosa

Costa Rica. Saying it instantly triggers memories of sunshine, chiliguaro shots, cocktails, and a table full of friends I love all while sharing numerous dishes of delicious food. One very memorable and extremely affordable restaurant is La Casita del Marisco. We were feeling hunger creep up on us after Playa Penca. We had heard about this particular place from two locals, Adolfo and Leon. We actually ended up running into Leon as we were finishing our meal. As we parked the car, a gentleman walking his dog greeted us, asked how we were and if we were planning on dining. Just like that, he went to get a table ready for us with a perfect view of the sunset. With so many taxi drivers trying to hit us up for money, homeless people at the beach trying to get us to pay them to “watch our cars,” we couldn’t help but wonder if this man was trying to work us for a tip. He ended up just being a very friendly and happy man living la Pura Vida. Easily one of the best meals we had, and that’s saying a lot considering all of the amazing food we had on this trip.

Sopa de mariscos.






Red Snapper.


Ttir fried seafood with squid.


Crab and mussels.


My mouth is watering over here. When you order one dish, you’re actually ordering six. The six of us each took turns spending about 5 minutes with each plate and passing it on until it came back around with just enough bite left to finish what you originally ordered. And of course, we had to cleanse the palate before and after with chiliguaro shots.


La Casita del Mariscos