The Vices

Joe’s Shanghai- How to Eat Soup Dumplings


This is the first shoot I did after dreaming up the concept of “Chopsticks and Stilettos.”



I did my own hair and makeup, grabbed a couple of outfits, and changed into them during peak foot traffic on Canal Street.




I’m still figuring out exactly how I am going to achieve my ideas but I hope in the meantime that it’s as entertaining to you as it is satisfying to me. If I’m eating, I’m happy. If you have any questions about where I got my wardrobe, please let me know! I’ll be better at posting one outfit per post with all of the details in the future =]




When I first moved to NYC in June 2014, the very first stop I made after I dropped off my luggage was Canal Street.

Fresh out of my first, last and safety deposit, I was on the hunt for cheap and satisfying food. Chinatown is full of options. My absolute favorite place is Joe’s Shanghai, located at 9 Pell St. I’ve tried soup dumplings at many places and none of them can hold a candle to Joe’s. Imagine the ‘soupiest’ of soup dumplings, filled with the most delicious, equal parts lean, equal parts bone marrow and fat, pork meatball drizzled in a little vinegar. In your mouth. Down your throat. I have to stop.

Chinatown Strollin'

I attached a YouTube video my friend, Stephen McFadden, made of me showing you how to eat these alien edibles. Do yourself a favor and watch it. Nothing worse than biting straight into one, wasting the hot liquid gold that is the broth, all over your shirt and face. I also invited my friend, Matthew Holler, to take pictures. The photos and video were a result of “working” a little more than an hour.

Video hoe

Matt and I have a really bad habit of planning shoots as an excuse to go to happy hour together and if it weren’t for Stephen, we probably would’ve skipped the shoot and gone straight to eating and drinking [so thank you, Stephen].

Photographer: Matthew Holler

Videographer: Stephen McFadden

Hair color by: Lucille Javier of Sally Hershberger, NYC

Hair cut by: Mark Bustos of Three Squares Studio