The Vices


Tampa’s newest ramen restaurant, Ichicoro,  just had their grand opening this past November. Interestingly, I first heard of this restaurant months before construction, when I was introduced to Ichicoro’s head bartender by a mutual friend at the Holiday Cocktail Lounge in NYC. Jessica Wohler, formerly of the famous Clover Club, is the mastermind behind the cocktail program at Ichicoro. If you’ve been reading my past posts, this further corroborates hospitality connections coming full circle. :o)

The bar.


Hero Water– Coconut cream, shochu, cucumber and lime juices, Angostura bitters.


Switch Healer- Shochu, Fabbri tamarind, house ginger syrup and lime juice.


A beautiful kitchen run by chefs Noel Cruz, Masa Takaru and Chakira Hiratsu.

_MG_1744Transparency behind a 10- seat bar.


Hard workers and a bar full of hungry patrons.


I was lucky enough to squeeze in a ramen visit with my sister, her boyfriend and my friend Matthew. Who do you think took the photos? We started off with an appetizer as we waited for our piping hot bowls.

Kaarage– Marinated fried chicken, furikake (dry Japanese seasoning) and spicy garlic mayo.

_MG_1708Miso- Pork broth, scallion, menma (bamboo shoots), bean sprout, onion and sesame.

_MG_1729Champon– Pork/chicken broth, grilled jumbo shrimp, chasyu asado (braised pork), ginger tempura, scallion, corn, shiitake and sesame.

This was my bowl and it was FKNG delicious. What do I love more than just meat? Different types of meat all together in one bowl. With an egg. Damn!

_MG_1725Shoyu– Chicken broth, chasyu asado (braised pork), ajitama (seasoned egg), menma (bamboo shoots), scallion and nori (toasted seaweed).

The ramen noodles are made for Ichicoro by Sun Noodles in New York. Just the right amount of silky chewiness.


Things you need to freaking know!


5229 N. Florida Ave.

Tampa, FL, 33603

Operating Hours:

LUNCH| Tues- Sun: 12:00PM- 4:00PM

                SNACK| Tues- Sun: 4:00PM- 5:00PM

DINNER | Mon: Closed

Sun, Tues- Wed: 5:00PM- 11:00PM

Thurs- Sat: 5:00PM- 1:00AM