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Flow Your Own Way

I LOVE YOGA!!! I always knew yoga had a special place in my heart when I started three years ago. I did private classes with my friend Rachel Miller of The Body Electric Yoga. I moved to NYC for a couple years and stopped doing any sort of physical activity other than the daily walking and lunges skipping steps on the stairs to the subway platform. A few weeks ago, photographer and friend Sarah Modene invited me to a class with her and my passion got reignited. I found my happy place once again. Before I had even gone to that first class, I had to sign up for it online. Something in me KNEW it was the perfect fit. I signed up for the $70 unlimited monthly plan before I even stepped foot in the studio and haven’t looked back. Each regular class is $14 and I go AT LEAST three times a week.

Yoga focuses on the inner self, away from the noises and turmoil of the outside world. You learn to quiet your mind and make time and space for YOU even if it is only for a moment of the day. You learn breathing exercises that calm the ever overthinking mind. As I told my friend Hortencia @stylefeen “try Nadi Shodhana Pranayama . It will chill you the F*CK out” =P

People get intimidated when they hear the word “Yoga.” There are different classes with different levels of intensity and I’ve found that the instructors and students at The Body Electric Yoga are very nurturing and non-judgmental. Rachel Miller taught the 50/50 (Power/Yin) class that I attended my first day back and she said it best as she taught us a tricky part of the flow “Don’t you dare get embarrassed in my class.” You learn to acknowledge, accept and move on as well all do with everything else in life. Everything learned on the mat is applicable in your personal life.

I got stupid excited over all the yoga pants I got the buy due to my rekindled flame… I went to Target “just to look.” AHAHAHA I came back home with 4 sports bras and 3 yoga pants from Champion. Sarah Modene offered to take photos of me post yoga class (and post light makeup application). When I work up an extra helping of sweat during class I like to stop by Squeeze Juice Works located right next door to The Body Electric Yoga.

This particular juice is called Simple Greens- Green Apple, Cucumber, Kale, Spinach, Parsley, Chlorophyll.

Those shoes are from Topo Athletic! If you’ve been a long time reader, you’ll remember that I got them from working the SHE’s fit! event in NYC a few years ago.

I don’t know how it all came together but my the colors on my shoes matched my yoga mat and the beautiful blooming bougainvillea.

It’s so Spring here I cant even!

Get limber, girl!

Have I mentioned how excited I am that I can TIE UP MY HAIR!? I’ve been growing it out the past few months.

Also, your girl did her own nails. Hayyy.

Photos: Sarah Modene Photography

Outfits: Target

Look 1: Top Bottom 

Look 2: Top Bottom

Juice: Squeeze Juice Works

Watch: Timex

Shoes: Topo Athletic