The Vices

Desnuda Cevicheria


Desnuda in Williamsburg. 

 You think you know $1 oysters, but I promise you to the core of my physical and spiritual being that your knowledge is so far from truth that it’ll make you question what else you thought was solid and concrete but is actually so indiscernible that it parallels the haziness that comes with the disrupted REM cycles of sleep paralysis. Phew. Did you get all that? (I don’t even know if I do). Because that’s how much you DON’T know $1 oysters. Does it sound like I’m screaming at you? That’s because I am!

Lemon Face

Forget the mignonette, the horseradish and the cocktail sauce. That’s kindergarten. We’re summa cum laude in a Harvard  Johns Hopkins Graduate program, damn it,  and that means we get accompaniments like Yuzu lemon Szechaun peppercorn gelee to go with our tears of poseidon! I’m beaming with joy because I plan on coming back to do a full on write up on this place but I wanted to give a little teaser. Look at that lemon face!! Such BEAST. Much FEROCIOUS. So CRAY. In the meantime, GO SEE FOR YOURSELVES!!! Happy hour is all day Sunday and Monday, and 6-8pm Tues-Fri. The only requirement is that you have to order a cocktail per dozen oysters. Don’t have to tell me twice. Til then, friends.

Desnuda | Williamsburg

221 South 1st St

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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