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Costa Rica Breeze & TeenyB Bikinis

Special thanks to Katie and Michael Gardner of TeenyB Bikini Couture! Thanks for my very first package!


Close your eyes and imagine a beautiful day on a white sandy beach with crystal clear blue waters. The wind lightly blows through your hair and there’s just enough sunlight on your face so that it’s not unbearably hot. Imagine a margarita in your hand walking along the shore. Handsome men and gorgeous girls walking by, one by one, turning their heads at you. The first glance was to check you out, the second was a double take but for all the wrong reasons. They’re looking at that thing you have on that resembles an adult diaper and turn back around. BYEEEEEE. This is the stuff that make bachelorette nightmares. And who cares what people think but that still leaves you with wearing a diaper!

Remember those days you walked around the beach and could hear the flapping of all that extra fabric on your bottoms? Or getting those HORRIBLE tan lines? Or how cold you were LONG after you got out of the water because those bathing suits were holding in water like your body on your worst peak bloat day ever!?

Ladies, the Sirens of the Oceans have blessed us with what is known as TeenyB Bikini. TeenyB Bikini is a luxury Brazilian cut swimwear brand located in Belleair Bluffs, FL. It is founded by Katie Gardner and all suits are handmade in USA. This company uses the finest Italian fabrics and threads and test their suits in salt, sun and chlorine to make sure their clients get the best products!

 [Seminole Sunset w. Vogue– S/XS- My favorite pattern. Such a beautiful pink trim on the tribal pattern.]


I first heard about TeenyB through my friend, Adriana, who had been working with them as a model. She was in charge of recruiting new ones and I held my hand way WAY up in the air. It was history from there.


I can see how intimidating the suits seem to newbies, especially the cheeky and cheekier bottoms. And I’m an Asian girl not necessarily as blessed as others, comparatively speaking, but I swear there’s magic in these bikini bottoms. You are bound to find one that gives as much coverage [and exposure] as you’d like and a bit of lift, too!


There are over 20 different styles for tops and bottoms. I have faith you will find something you love. One look in the mirror and your confidence grows and you get a little more daring. I find it extremely empowering to see women of all body sizes and shapes donning a TeenyB Bikini. They also dry SUPER fast! No chilly nips here! Not due to a wet suit, anyway.


[LE Daisy Dream– S/XS- SO cute, so bright, so fun! A little floral for some hippie vibes.]


I was very lucky to be asked back as a model for other shoots as well as do their very first fashion show in 2010!


I was even the poster girl for their first “Ditch the Diaper” campaign.


The TeenyB crew also throws THE BEST and most epic pool parties and I got to indulge in a couple in the past. This is me with Katie Gardner, Founder of Teenyb Bikini Couture.


When I finally started my Chopsticks And Stilettos page on Facebook, Katie’s husband Michael was very nice to let me know they were on hand to send a package for a write up when I was ready. Timing was perfect! I was leaving for Costa Rica in a few weeks and had forgotten my TeenyB’s at home in Florida. That leaves Forever 21 and Target and things were looking grim. Once you go Teeny, you never go back. And if you have to, you throw a fit and scrape the walls as the diapers carry you away from your dignity. I woke up one morning to a message on Facebook “Good Morning. Keep an eye out in your mailbox.” I’m used to groaning and whining when I wake up. I never popped up from bed so fast in my life. A box filled with 10 suits arrived and it was like pulling out different pieces of brightly colored candy. I even got a sweet, supportive handwritten card from Katie and Michael =]



Here’s a list of the suits I wore with the sizes as Top/Bottom

Stonewash Camo– M/XS- Perfect, double-lined, just enough support.


Seminole Sunset w. Vogue– S/XS- My favorite pattern. Such a beautiful pink trim on the tribal pattern.


Gold Mesh Trim in Black– S/S- A stunner!!!! Everyone’s favorite.




LE Daisy Dream– S/XS- SO cute, so bright, so fun! A little floral for some hippie vibes.


Oasis in Coral Mania– S/XS- My favorite shade of pink and some jewels. How can you go wrong?





To see more photos of this particular suit, please go to this post.



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Location: BREEZE Private Residences Club at Pacifico Costa Rica, Playas de Coco, Guanacaste

Bikinis: TeenyB Bikini Couture