The Look

Coney Island

There’s something about Coney Island; the nostalgia, the boardwalk, the HOT DOGS!!! Howie, @flvffs, and I headed out to the boardwalk for some lookbook shots and ended the day with a beer and some chili cheese dogs. Don’t let the photos fool you, I was going through probably THE toughest day in my life to date. It goes to show that sometimes you really DO have to smile and fake it til you make it. Thank goodness for pretty pictures to compensate for shitty days 😛

Coney Island has an area sectioned off specifically for murals and selfie photo ops. Naturally, I found the loudest wall I could.

20160728_161530 (800x450)

20160728_161519 (800x450)

I’m guilty of recycling outfits and I’m damn proud of it. Romper is from ZARA.

GL0A2906 (800x533)

GL0A2970 (800x533)

GL0A2945 (800x533)

Here we have a carnival game where you can win stuffed emojis! Poo ones!

GL0A3045 (800x533)

GL0A3079 (533x800)

Legs for days. Romper from Forever21. Booties from Louboutin.

GL0A3164 (533x800)

GL0A3145-2 (1) (533x800)

Top is from Valfre. American Doll red lips by Anastasia Beverly Hills.

GL0A3304 (800x533)

GL0A3292 (800x533)

This was alluding to that whole “worst day of my life” thing I was talking about earlier.

20160728_172932 (800x450)

Pretending the water wasn’t FREEZING cold.

GL0A3363 (533x800)

GL0A3352-2 (1) (533x800)

We took a stroll on the world famous Coney Island boardwalk.

GL0A3446 (800x533)

GL0A3478 (800x533)

And I got my Nathan’s hot dog.

GL0A3497 (1) (800x533)

Look how happy!

GL0A3500 (800x533)

Before I left, I made sure to take a picture next to my twin.

20160728_185754 (800x450)