The Traveler

Chasing Waterfalls

Day 2 Andres suggested we go to a nearby waterfall. The place I was staying at was very unique. There were no street signs! It was all a grid, so it was relatively easy to get around IF you knew where you were in relation to everything. Directions were given using landmarks. Thank goodness I accompanied Andres on his errands around town.” Of course, I know where the Parque Central is located!” “Oh yea, I remember where that thing is next to that other place around the corner from ….there.” Just kidding, the directions were pretty easy. They went a little something like this:

-Walk through the Parque Central and turn left at the Mega Mercado. From there, walk past the first bus stop with the orange building and turn right on the next street to the local bus station. Then choose the bus that says “Liberia, Canas.” The walk was an adventure. Is that the Mega Mercado? Do you consider that building orange or is that more of a tan? Or brown? Oh, crap. Am I lost? Do I turn at this street or the street AFTER? There it is!


I found it JUST in time. The bus was pulling out and I jumped on. Three dollars for two people. I didn’t exactly know when to get off. I just told the bus driver “Cataratas del Rio Cortes” and he waved me off at my stop in the middle of a 4 lane highway. I followed signs for the waterfall. Google Maps wasn’t my friend in this area so I had no idea how far to go and in the hot blazing sun it seemed a lot longer. This began a theme of future treks in Costa Rica.


The crew was always walking and driving through the roughest dirt roads that lead to nowhere or at least seemed endless.


The path forked in two and I had no idea which way to go. Water was low in the bottle and sweat was dripping. The piece of wood stuck to a tree in front of meused to have the directions, I’m sure, but it was weathered away. Luckily, I just happened to choose the right path.

After a little hike down a cliff…


… I found paradise!


Andres let me know that very few tourists knew about the place or make it down, and he’s probably usually right, but it was a Sunday and the place was filled with locals.



Not that that is a problem, but I just so happened to pick the TeenyB Bikini with the most sheer top and eyes were-a-lookin.’



The water was a little chilly but it felt so AMAZING after that walk under the sun [a walk that was only 1.24 miles long but seemed MUCH longer]. I had never seen black sand before. I sat down and used my hands as a sifter. Grains of sand had shiny flecks of glass-like clear pebbles. After I sifted those away it left very fine black sand, sand that got everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Once the fingers and toes got prune-y it was time to head out. The roads were red and parts of it were muddy from the rain the day before. As a vehicle approached from behind, I hugged the right. They stopped and a man waved at me. I don’t know how we communicated but somehow he understood that I needed to get to the entrance and I understood that he was willing to take us. So in I go into the van full of teenagers and parents. The people of Costa Rica are so friendly. Once I got dropped off, I spoke in broken Spanish and explained to an older lady waiting for a bus that I wanted to go back to Guancaste, Liberia. She smiled and pointed across the four lane highway. Fifteen minutes later, the bus pulled over and took me home.