The Look

Bush or Brazilian?

Let’s get real. It’s winter, who the hell has time to shave?


Just kidding! KITTENS, guys, I’m talking about kittens. Oh, you didn’t know kittens came without hair? Only the REALEST kittens come without hair. They don’t need it! They’re too good for it. They sit on their pyramid’s throne and scoff at it. Hair is basic. OK, just kidding. I’m taking it too far. I can hear the gag reflex from some of you just thinking about Mr. Bigglesworth nudging up to your legs. Fear not, friends! I, too, used to find these naked rats revolting.

But look at these faces!!


One day, an old friend took me to a house that had paw print stickers all over the car doors and walls. I was sure there would be puppies! There was not. Instead, I had a gaggle of nakedness all around me, jumping around, and stampeding the floors with the ferocity of the drum beats of Jumanji. I just stood there with my lips pursed and arms folded looking down on these wrinkly creatures. And then the owner put a baby in my hands, a runt, and I fell in love! I brought home 2 that night.

This was Munchie, the runt.


And this was Kitty- Kitty was MY baby. He was there through the toughest and darkest moments of my life and was there to see the transition to happiness. These two babies have since passed due to illness, but we miss them everyday. Kitty was such a character.


Kitty was also potty- trained. Seriously.


And we were a fabulous modeling duo :o) Photos by Sean Ocean.


Perfectly posed, head to toe.


Nowadays, we have a family sphynx at my mother’s h0use. The new baby is Charlee.


Blurry snap, but you get the point.


I feel like cats have a reputation for being assholes, but sphynx cats have the most personality. They’re almost like dogs. Charlee plays fetch with the best of them. He licks your face and hand. He’ll even paw at our knees when you come home. And he’s on his way to being potty trained, too! He’s a pretty damn cool cat. He’s the sweetest baby ever.



Not so great at packing though.


Every once in a while, we take him to go visit the breeders for shots and he says Hi to his mommy. Sometimes, we go to say Hi to our friends that operate the cattery and play with the new kittens.

This was me in 2013 with my sister, Salenna, and Judy- a retired stock car racer and a woman with the one of the coolest parents in history- billed as The World’s Strangest Married Couple. Do a little reading and feed all of your carnie desires. I’ll save another blog post for a more in depth look, if they let me :o)


  We talk for hours while the cuddliest, sweetest and friendliest cats come up to play. This is Salenna with Tina Tomaini, also up there on my list of Coolest People EVER. She was featured in Rolling Stones.


On my trip home this past September, I brought along a cat onesie, cat stocking, rings and earrings. I thought, why not shoot WITH cats? And there you have it. Cats in all shapes, color and sizes, hair and no hair and photos of all of them.


Heart… melting!


I’m a sucker for little footsies.



Look at this little weirdo.


Derp Derp.



A face you don’t want to mess with!


Kitties in all different colors and patterns.


Black nails, black cat.


The most beautiful eyes.




Don’t worry, guys. She’s got kittens with hair, too.

Marissa.9.24.15.Cats-78Equally as sweet!


And oh, so cute!


Little tiger.




Thanks for letting us come over and play, Tina!!



Photographer: Brittany Fabry

Location: Hadakat Cattery

Bodysuit/Stockings/Ring: Meowingtons

HMUA/Styling: Me =]

*For those of you interested in potty training your cat: CitiKitty