The Look

Body by Junk Food


On my most recent trip to Tampa, I had a full day of shooting planned with Matthew. Before we “got to work,” and I use that term loosely because “work” for us is drinking, eating and taking photos of the process as documentation, I thought we should break the ice with an outfit I was already wearing.



I got this shirt from because I thought it was cute and cheeky and therefore would piss off the right people. In no way am I being insensitive to those who struggle with weight or eating disorders, this is a jab at those who judge other people’s bodies in general and especially on the other end of the spectrum; those who look at a skinny girl and yell out “Eat a burger!” This is my way of telling them that I would, I will, I did and I do … a lot. And I’m lucky enough to eat whatever I want and still have this crazy metabolism and they should stand down and stop being insecure, judge-y, body-shaming assholes.


Too skinny, overweight, skinny-fat, this way, that way- who cares! It is JUST as hurtful to tell someone you think they’re fat and should lose weight as it is to tell someone YOU think they’re too skinny. Who the FUCK are YOU, anyway?? I understand how frustrating it can be to see someone like me stuffing face and staying thin, especially if you are someone who eats the same and gets a different result due to a difference in metabolism. Trust me, I KNOW how lucky I am and I know it might not last. My mother warns me it might go away when I have a baby or turn 30, whichever comes first.


One of my mother’s clients who I have known since I was 10 now only greets me with “OH MY GOD! YOU ARE WAYYYY TOO SKINNY!!!” Did you hear a “Hi, how are you?” in there? Because I sure didn’t. Not that time or the 3 other times she has seen me. But it’s “OK” because I’m skinny and there’s less sensitivity towards those who are being given shit for being “too thin.” We’re the bad guys. It makes my blood boil just thinking about it that I almost want to call her out by name. J- – – – – will have to do because apparently, I am not above childish Hangman games.

The sensitive, lavender oil inhaling, “in-tune,” “love and light” part of me realizes she has her own insecurities that she’s misdirecting at me. It’s hard to remember that when all I want to do is glare at her as I shove a greasy bacon cheeseburger in my face and shoot her the bird while barely getting out the words “I know!!! I AM too skinny!!! ” and have chunks of food sputtering out of my mouth.


Woooosahhhh. Back to the photos :o)

These photos were taken in Downtown Tampa below the SkyPoint Condos. Downtown Tampa has grown so much since I lived at the Sky Point and most recently when I worked at Anise. I’ll have to go back next time and show you guys just how much I love this city and why. There are coffee shops, museums, a neighborhood market, restaurants, The Tampa Theatre- one of “America’s 21 Wonders” and  “One of the Top Ten Iconic Showplaces in the World,” Curtis Hixon Park and my Alma mater, The University of Tampa. Next time, friends. Next time. Until that time, here’s a way-too-happy photo. Look at that sexy neck tendon…damn!



Photographer: Matthew Holler

Hair Cut/Stylist: Irina Bilka

Hair Colorist: Lucille Javier

Outfit Details

Top: Valfre

High waisted shorts: American Apparel

Kicks: Doc Martens