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The best place to work. It’s so great that on April 16, 2014, these ladies here…


Made a date to drink a bunch of wine, eat a ton of food and get tattoos. #BadBitchesClub


This is Xuan and I with our favorite cocktail garnish at PDT. As in, ‘Please Don’t Tell’ my mom I had ratchety-ass chipped nails. Sorry, mom!


Speaking of cocktails, feast your eyes on these two lovelies. On the left is the Seven Year Island. On the right is the Kurrant Bramble. Both are also on the Happy Hour menu for $6. When is Happy Hour, you ask? Its’s M-F from open to 7:00PM! You’re welcome. I just gave you something to do your entire afternoon.



First, let’s take a look at the Kurrant Bramble- Damrak gin, Creme de Cassis, Creme de mur and fresh muddled blackberries. Look closely at the photos to come- the drink somehow seems to slowly evaporate.


Bird’s eye view and just as sexy.


Up next, we have the Seven Year Island- Flor de Cana 7yr Rum, peach and mango nectar, lime, cacao and citrus banana foam. Yum! It’s no wonder I became a professional drinker after working at Anise.


This cocktail is topped with a Luxardo Maraschino Cherry- if you haven’t had this cherry, you are seriously missing out!


A beaut!


Anise Global Gastrobar got its start as a food truck- Stinky Bunz! These bunz became this beautiful brick and mortar!


These Chinese steamed bunz come in six varieties. I chose my three favorites.

The far left is the Pork Belly bun- braised pork belly with kim chi.

Center is the BBQ Pork bun- Chinese BBQ pork with pickled radish.

Far right is my absolute favorite!!! Beer Battered Shrimp comes with papaya slaw and ginger aioli.

If you want to know the other three, you’ll have to go see for yourself :o)


Yours truly, with a martini.


I’m going to drop a little knowledge on you guys. I would say the most common remark I get from men when they receive a cocktail in a coupe is “Can I get this in a rocks glass next time? I guess I got the girly drink.” I shut them up pretty quickly…


Ladies and ESPECIALLY gentlemen, what you are looking at is a coupe.


What you are referring to as super girly, and thus, extremely UN-manly, is shaped after A BOOB. The story goes that it belonged to Marie Antoinette, but who is to know for sure. Either way, those men end up ordering more rounds with a good story to tell and my pockets are all the more happy ;o)


After shooting a look, I usually ask Matt to look at photos in the back of his camera. I somehow pulled a MacGyver and made him switch roles with me.


Of course, this handsome thing was a complete natural.

Yasss, profile! Looking good and STILL showing off that fabulous cocktail!


Last one for all you droolers out there. Cheers!


Round two of cocktails. Matt and I are thirsty… a lot.


We wanted to go off-menu so we went  the bespoke route with Ryan, the bar manager.


Sabrina, I made sure to show off the Fernet label just for you :o)


Garnish magician.



I wish you could smell the lime zest and see the ice chips on this drink.


This cocktail has Zaya rum, Carpano Bianco, Fernet Menta, ginger syrup and lemon. Sooo.. goooood!


Such beautiful, citrus colored cocktails.


Matt’s cocktail unsurprisingly has vodka.  Matthew is actually correctly spelled V-O-D-K-A 😛

  His cocktail also has Aperol, honey syrup, lemon and orange bitters. Garnished with mint leaves and an orange slice.


Such shiny. Much pretty. So tasty!



Information that you NEED:

Anise Global Gastrobar

777 N. Ashley Dr.

Tampa, FL, 33602


Happy Hour

MON-FRI  From open – 7:00PM

Reds, Whites, Bubbles AND Cocktails!

SAT-SUN: Brunch & Bloody Mary Bar Til’ 4PM

Build your own Bloody Mary for $6. Add Sriracha candied bacon for $2!

Operating Hours

  Mon 4:00PM- 1:00AM

Tues-Thur 11:00AM- 1:00AM

Fri-Sat 11:00AM- 2:00AM

Sun 11:00AM- 1:00AM


Anise Global Gastrobar is just one of those special places. I promised to make this post more about the restaurant’s food and cocktails but I can’t talk about Anise without getting sappy. I’ll keep it as short as possible. I met the owners, Kevin and Xuan, when I was living at the Skypoint Condos. Anise is in one of the retail spaces. I ate at their old restaurant in downtown and when they left it, I followed their food truck around town. By the time they were ready to hire for Anise, I had experience at La V under my belt and joined the family. Anise ruined me in the best way. I became a cocktail snob =P At Anise, I learned once again that you should never have to settle for anything. You are never asking for too much. Those are the basics of any relationship- work, family, friends and significant others.

There is such a thing as working with and for people you love AND respect because they lead by example and respect you as well. You know how they say if you love your job, it’ll never feel like work? It was never “work” at Anise. Anise is family.


Literally, because my little sister works there as well, and how proud I was to see her throwing back shots of Old Overholt like a champ :o)


If you see Salenna at the front desk, say Hi!



Photographer & Model: Matthew Holler

Haircut/stylist: Irina Bilka

Hair Color: Lucille Javier -NYC

Location: Anise Global Gastrobar

                   777 N. Ashley Dr.

                   Tampa, FL, 33602

Cocktails crafted by: Ryan Brown & Drew Brown


Top: Forever 21

Jeans: Levi’s

Heels: Forever 21