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Andres, the Ultimate Airbnb Host

I was very lucky with our first trip to Costa Rica. My friends and former bosses at Anise Global Gastrobar invited me to stay with them at their timeshare. The only problem was that JetBlue only flies to Liberia, Costa Rica, on specific dates. I would land a day before them with no place to stay. Airbnb saved the day! I started skimming houses, rooms, reviews, and found one that struck a chord. This is a review from a Herman that complained about his stay with Andres .


And this is the response from Andres.


That response was everything I wanted in an Airbnb host. It also didn’t hurt that his many other reviews were highly rated. For $25, it was a steal.

The day before I left for my trip was my last day of work ever at Beechers. We finished off a bottle of Overholt whiskey and continued bar hopping til the wee hours of the morning dancing and taking shots. Needless to say, it was a very painful wake-up and standing in line for security was almost impossible. I slept the entire flight waking up only to ask for water before crouching over and sleeping on the pull out tray. Customs was a breeze. Getting a taxi was even easier. We drove towards a waving Andres, and wouldn’t you know it, with the slam of the car door the Floridian brought the first rainfall that area of Liberia had seen in 8 months.



I was warmly greeted and shown my room. Two twin beds with a fan in between. .



So happy to finally settle in. Or sweating from the walk outside.

Morning hair.


A bathroom with a spacious shower with only cool running water (something I learned the hard way but gladly welcomed on hot summer days). He invited me along with him to run errands around town.


Imagine a Swedish man happily walking around town with jeans and a button up soaking wet from the rain with a smile on his face. He couldn’t walk very far without greeting a friend. And then another friend. He made us stir fry noodles for dinner!


The night went on with rounds of beer, us barefoot in the kitchen, wiping off the rain water dripping in from that leak in the roof the landlord hadn’t fixed yet, lit cigarettes and steady conversations interrupted by random Rammstein songs and headbanging. Andres was friendly, well- traveled, cultured,  intelligent, witty and could talk about any subject matter. He is the CEO of an urban mining company but is so humble and lives very simply. We snacked on plantain chips, rambutans and iguana meat! And when I got really hungry, I was ready to eat the cold leftovers but Andres, being the hostess with the most-est, insisted on heating it up for me.

The next morning, there was breakfast and a fresh cup of coffee waiting for us.




Look at this girl- no makeup or hair products =P


The ‘bad’ news came. My friends were delayed and wouldn’t come til the next day. I only booked one night so I asked Andres if he knew any place I could stay. “Yes, you stay here!” And I happily did. I was more than adamant to introduce him to my friends who picked me up the next day. Throughout our trip, he would check in to make sure we had things to do and that we weren’t being ripped off by local scammers- cheaters, as he would call them.

Cheers to Andres- Thanks for making our first impression of Costa Rica so special.


If you’re headed to Costa Rica and need a place to stay, here’s a link to Andres.