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I started this blog as a means of creating opportunities for myself. I have been modeling for over 8 years. If you stick with me, you’ll get to see some old, OLD, possibly AWFUL photos. I promise, it’ll be fun…for you. No matter the connections I made, the countless shoots I did, the different photographers I worked with, the amount of open calls I attended, the actual agency contracts I signed, I couldn’t get consistent work. I got sick of complaining. Why not make them notice? Why not do my own thing and why not enjoy myself while I do it!? Eating, drinking, traveling, taking pictures, playing dress up, painting my face, doing my hair, doing my hair while eating….


Just like many other actors and models, I started waiting tables to pay the bills. I fell in love with hospitality. It introduced me to many wonderful people, taught me how to be a “somewhat-somm” [read: know enough about wine to bullshit suggestions], how to drink top shelf liquor, appreciate cocktails of the Prohibition era and how to hold my liquor[-ish].


I seem to have a habit of only working where the food is TO.DIE.FOR. Places that serve Vietnamese food, Stinky Bunz, CHEESE!!!! My hope is to use the connections I have made to take you through a humorous, crass, entertaining and mouthwatering journey.  My big sister, Xuan Hurt [of Anise <3] said it best “Food is how I show my love.” And it is with this motto that I will be dragging you to the deepest depths of “The Concrete Jungle” and my hometown of Tampa as I furiously scramble to satisfy the constant hanger [read: TAPEWORM] that is inside of me.


I don’t claim to be a writer. It’s been years since I got that “4” on my AP English exam. Any suggestions and comments on grammar are more than welcome if you aren’t being a complete twat, and we all know that’s usually impossible for the sort ;o) I also don’t aim to be any kind of food critic. The only thing I ever care about when I look on review sites is the food porn and that is what I will present to my readers.


My goal is to show you what gets me excited, introduce you to some new foods, makeup tricks, new ways to wear things, and take you to places you’ve never heard and events you didn’t think existed.

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The Vices All the food porn your heart desires! And cocktails and nights out on the town doing everything I probably shouldn’t.

The Look The works; hair, makeup, beauty advice and streetwear.

The Total Package Full blown shoots done with a professional team of photographers, stylists, hair and makeup artists. It’s not JUST streetwear or outfits, it’s not JUST food. It’s everything. These shoots will take places in different businesses, usually restaurants, and incorporate their spaces and promote their goods, be it a product, clothes and accessories, or food and cocktails.

The Traveler- My travel diary of experiences, things to do and places to go.

The Model- A link to my modeling portfolio.